B.I.S. Major in Asian Studies

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) program in Asian Studies offers students an opportunity to acquire knowledge of this important and unique world region and a career-oriented range of skills. It allows students to follow a course plan with concentration in international business and economy. Students interested in Asian societies and cultures will have the option to concentrate in Chinese, Japanese, or Indian/South Asian studies. It allows students to choose from a large pool of courses (taught by Georgia State faculty experts in their regions and disciplines) appropriate to their areas of concentration.

The Asian Studies Center is now also offering an Interdisciplinary Minor in Asian Studies. For more information on the Asian Studies major or minor and to see a list of courses, visit the Undergraduate Catalog for Asian Studies.

How to Enroll

Step 1:
If you have not been admitted to GSU, select this program as your major or minor of choice on your admission application. Then review the Asian Studies Checklist with an academic adviser.

If you are currently enrolled at Georgia State University and wish to change your major to this degree program, meet with an academic advisor to review this checklist.

Step 2:
Meet with the faculty advisor, Dr. Laura Hastings, to discuss career interests and course offerings.

You can also find application materials at the Office of Academic Assistance.