Interdisciplinary Minor in Asian Studies

The NEW Interdisciplinary Minor in Asian Studies is an excellent complement to many other majors. Students pursuing a career in teaching English as a second language, international politics, international business, world history, world/comparative religions or another field, should consider a minor in Asian Studies as a way to strengthen their academic/professional credentials and increase marketable skills.

The minor in Asian Studies requires 15-18 credit hours of Asia-related courses and a minimum grade of C or higher in all courses counting toward the minor. No more than two courses (6-8 hours) may come from a single discipline/prefix. Courses counted toward the interdisciplinary minor cannot also count toward the major.

The Asian Studies Center also offers a B.I.S. Major in Asian Studies.

For more information on the Asian Studies minor or major and to see a list of courses, visit the Undergraduate Catalog for Asian Studies.