Chinese Studies: Second Century Initiative

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In 2010, Georgia State University launched the Second Century Initiative (2CI) as a university wide interdisciplinary hiring and research initiative to build internationally recognized scholarly strength and critical mass around common research themes.  Chinese Studies was designated as a 2CI program area in 2010, with new faculty position lines created for Chinese language, Chinese business and Chinese political economy/politics.

The 2CI Chinese Studies program area aims to build up research, teaching and other university programs related to China at GSU.  It is an interdisciplinary program that includes faculty and research in applied linguistics, communication, English, history, political science, religious studies and sociology. It aims to increase research related to China in the humanities and social sciences, recruit more graduate students researching China at the PhD level, increase the number of university international exchange and programs in China, and encourage collaboration across disciplinary fields related to Chinese culture, economy, business, politics and society. This program area builds on and complements the activities of the GSU Confucius Institute.

As part of 2CI, a limited number of competitive doctoral fellowships are available to qualified students working in each 2CI area.  Students selected as 2CI Fellows receive competitive stipends (currently a base of $22,000 annually) and tuition waivers.  There are six 2CI Fellows in the Chinese Studies program.

This website introduces faculty who are working in areas related to Chinese Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences and the 2CI Chinese Studies University Doctoral Fellows.  It also provides contact information for the coordinators of the program.  For more information on 2CI and 2CI fellowships, see: and

2CI Chinese Studies Program Coordinator

Andrew Wedeman
Professor, Department of Political Science
[email protected]
1021 General Classroom Building