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Yuki Fujioka

Associate Professor    

Ph.D., Washington State, 2000


Media stereotypes
Communication and health


Yuki Fujioka’s research areas include the processes and effects of mediated messages, racial and ethnic minorities and media, and communication and health decision-making. More specifically, Dr. Fujioka’s research program centers on the role of social identity in how individuals, particularly minority and underserved audiences, process and respond to mediated information about race, ethnicity, and health-related issues.  Her current and on-going research addresses such topics as media-induced identity threats (e. g., stigma, stereotypical images) and their impact on stigmatized audiences and new/social media applications (e-Health) to health disparities.

Fujioka uses various methods such as online survey, experiments including psychophysiology, and focus groups.  Her ultimate goal is to provide insight that can be used to design effective campaign messages targeted at improving the physical and mental well-being of underserved individuals and communities. In 2007-2008 she received a GSU mentorship grant.  She is an affiliated faculty member in the Cognitive Sciences program (Psychology) and the Partnership for Urban Health Research at the GSU.

Prof. Fujioka’s research appears in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Communication Research, Howard Journal of Communications, Communication Monographs, Pediatrics, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, the Journal of Health Communication, and Mass Communication & Society.  She currently serves as an Editorial Board member of Communication Research and Howard Journal of Communications. Fujioka previously worked as a marketing researcher specializing in audience response research testing at a corporate marketing firm in Japan and as an assistant producer for NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) service center.

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