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Shuai Li (郦帅)

Assistant Professor    Chinese Program Coordinator    ,

Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University




2011 Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition. Carnegie Mellon University

2007 M.A. Chinese Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. Beijing Language and Culture University

2004 B.A. Chinese Language and Literature. Beijing Language and Culture University

In terms of research, Dr. Li is interested in understanding the development of second language (L2) pragmatic competence in instructed and uninstructed environments, with a primary focus on learners of Chinese as a second language. He has also examined the role of individual difference factors in the process of developing pragmatic competence in L2 Chinese. Other than that, he has surveyed the Confucius Institute Network in the U.S. In terms of teaching, Shuai has taught courses about Chinese culture and applied linguistics, as well as Chinese language courses across all proficiency levels.

Recent Publications


 Li, S. & Swanson, P. (Eds.). (contracted). Engaging language learners through technology integration: Theories, applications, and outcomes. IGI Global.

Journal articles

Li, S., & Taguchi, N. (in press). The effects of practice modality on the development of pragmatic performance in L2 Chinese. Modern Language Journal.

Li, S., Wang, S., & Wang, J. (2013). A preliminary investigation of business Chinese teaching among U.S. institutions of higher education. Journal of Chinese Language Teachers’ Association48:2, 69-89.


Li, S., & Tucker, G. R. (2013). A survey of the U.S. Confucius Institutes: Opportunities and Challenges in Promoting Chinese Language and Culture Education. Journal of Chinese Language Teachers’ Association48:1, 29-53.

Taguchi, N., Li, S., & Liu, Y. (2013). Comprehension of implicature in Chinese as a Foreign Language. Pragmatics and Cognition21:1, 139-157.

Taguchi, N., Li, S., & Xiao, F. (2013). Production of formulaic expressions in L2 Chinese: A developmental investigation in a study-abroad context. Chinese as a Second Language Research2, 23-58.

Li, S. (2012). The effects of input-based practice on pragmatic development of requests in L2 Chinese. Language Learning62, 403-438.

Book Chapters

Li, S. (2013). Amount of practice and pragmatic development of request-making in L2 Chinese. In N. Taguchi & J. Sykes (Eds.), Technology in Interlanguage Pragmatics Research and Teaching (pp. 43-69). John Benjamins.

Li, S. (2013). The role of instruction in developing pragmatic competence in L2 Chinese: A review of empirical evidences. In Z. Jing-Schmidt (Ed.),Increased empiricism: Recent advances in Chinese linguistics (293-308). John Benjamins.