University Doctoral Fellows

Zoë Hess Carney
2CI Fellow – Communication
[email protected]
Zoë Hess Carney is a rhetorical critic of international contemporary politics, focusing her studies on the Obama presidency and, specifically, its relationship with China, race, war practices, and ethics. She received her B.A. and M.A. degrees in Communication from Texas A&M University before studying in China for two years, finally beginning her PhD work at GSU in 2012. She has presented her research at conventions held by the National Communication Association, Rhetoric Society of America, American Forensics Association, Southern States Communication Association, Western States Communication Association, and GSU’s Center for Instructional Innovation.

Jing Betty Feng
2CI Fellow – International Institute of Business
[email protected]
My research interests deal with organizational cross-cultural adaptation in overseas operations, particularly in the context of Chinese firms operating in the United States. Through multiple-case study, my dissertation project is expected to develop a context specific theoretical framework of organizational cross-cultural adaptation, identify its drivers and demonstrate its crucial role for Chinese firms to successfully establish and maintain a stable, reciprocal and functional relationship with the new business and cultural environment.

Merideth Hoagland
2CI Fellow – Applied Linguistics
[email protected]
My research centers on Chinese ethnic minorities’ acquisition of English as a third language. I am interested in investigating the literacy practices and pedagogical approaches of English learners/instructors living in minority regions in the People’s Republic of China.

Pao-Wen Li
2CI Fellow – Political Science
[email protected]
My research interest is mainly about the relationship between Taiwan and China, and how political and economic ties influence China and Taiwan’s domestic politics. Recently, I am focusing on the political influence of Taiwanese business people’s associations in China and China’s economic role in Taiwanese politics.

Munib Rezaie
2CI Fellow – Communication
[email protected]
My research interests include Chinese film history, the representation of Chinese masculinities in Hollywood, and the various ways in which the American and Chinese film industries intersect and influence each other. My dissertation project will examine the recent emergence of an economically viable arena for commercial cinema in the People’s Republic of China along with several key filmmakers who are approaching it in their own unique ways. I recently spent a summer at the Beijing Film Academy with lectures by Chris Berry, Yomi Braester, Ackbar Abbas, James Tweedie, numerous filmmakers, as well as the academy’s own esteemed faculty.

Xiaobo Wang
2CI Fellow – English
[email protected]
My research is mainly focused on intercultural communications and rhetorical differences concerning philosophy, culture, politics, and so on between China and English speaking countries, especially the United States and Britain. Recently, I did a comparative study between John Locke and Huang Zongxi’s philosophical ideas, political viewpoints, as well as their huge efforts to persuade their readers toward a modernity with human rights and democracy.

2CI Chinese Studies Fellowship Selection Committee:

Andrew Wedeman (Chair), Baotong Gu, Hongmei Li, Gayle Nelson, Fernando Reati, Kim Reimann and Heying Zhan.